AusACPDM Listening and Sharing session: 28th June 2023

Identifying and responding to the diverse factors that affect sleep in people with cerebral palsy

Wednesday June 28th, 4.30-5.30 Australian EST

Join us in our free listening and sharing session.

Topic information: It is well known that people with CP are vulnerable to sleep difficulties, with often severe impact on their health, wellbeing and participation, and that of their families. It can be challenging to understand  the diverse factors that affect sleep of people with cp, and to identify solutions which suit each person – the right combinations of supports, at the right time. In this session we will use case studies to illustrate and discuss individual and contextual approaches to sleep support.  We will refer to the ICF, complex systems theory and the SleepLinks ‘sleep comfort’ model to illustrate how we consider the whole picture for best sleep support.

Speakers include: Perth based clinicians Liam Carter (physiotherapist) and Sue McCabe (occupational therapist) work with people of all ages with CP and like conditions, seeing them in their own homes, and working with multi-disciplinary teams for client and family-centred solutions.

The session will be facilitated by: Associate Professor Leanne Johnston

Date: 28 June - 28 June

Location: Zoom, register for the link

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CP-Achieve and AusACPDM 2023 Symposium: Linking Health, Wellbeing and Participation

Registration is now open for the CP-Achieve and Australasian Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AusACPDM) 2023 Symposium which will be held in Melbourne, Australia from 3rd-4th August.

The 2023 CP-Achieve and AusACPDM Symposium focus of Linking Health, Wellbeing and Participation will bring together the CP-Achieve team, collaborators, invited researchers, thought leaders, people with living experience and other advocates to explore and share new knowledge about maximising health, participation and social opportunities for adolescents and young adults living with cerebral palsy.

The symposium will be an in-person event held over two days exploring two themes:

  • Day 1: ‘mental and physical health of adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy’
  • Day 2: ‘building supportive family, community, and service environments’.

In these themes, we will cover life situations that people with CP have told us are important including healthcare, home life, education and employment, fitness for life, relationships and friendships, and community participation.


Date: 3 August - 4 August

Location: Melbourne

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Hugh Williamson Gait Analysis Laboratory Clinical Gait Analysis Course

Days 1,2 & 3
The program has been designed to appeal to a broad range of professionals involved in the varied aspects of clinical gait assessment. The teaching approach draws on the experience of gait analysis for children with cerebral palsy to help plan complex orthopaedic surgery, but the course will be informative to anyone interested in instrumented clinical gait analysis.

This three-day course is an introduction to understanding and interpreting gait analysis data to guide clinicians to a better understanding of the impairments affecting their patient’s walking ability.

Day 1 focuses on the understanding of normal gait and introduces the basic concepts and terminology used in instrumented gait analysis. The principles of interpretation of clinical gait analysis data will be presented.
Days 2 and 3 explore the interpretation of clinical gait data and the identification of impairments affecting gait. There will be small group activities giving participants the opportunity to experience and learn data analysis techniques and interpretation. Mock gait analysis reporting sessions will be included with a panel of surgeons, engineers and physiotherapists discussing cases to establish the impairments affecting gait and management recommendations

There will be ample opportunity for audience participation in these discussions!

Learning objectives:

  • To develop an understanding of the requirements for normal gait and normal gait analysis data
  • To gain an understanding of the impairment-focused approach to data interpretation
  • To identify common impairments associated with gait abnormalities seen in children with cerebral palsy
  • To develop skills of gait analysis data interpretation and reporting

Day 4

This one-day stand-alone course explores the assessment and interventions for management of musculoskeletal problems in ambulant children with cerebral palsy throughout their growing years.
Through case-based learning we will build on knowledge by integrating evidence and clinical reasoning into practise in the real world.

We will reflect on outcomes and the lived experience of children and their families.

This day is suitable for physiotherapists, orthotists, rehabilitation physicians and orthopaedic surgeons or trainees.

Learning Objectives:

  • To gain an understanding of current management options to improve walking in ambulant children with cerebral palsy
  • To understand the musculoskeletal impacts of growth on children with cerebral palsy
  • To enhance clinical reasoning and evaluation skills in the management in ambulant children with cerebral palsy

Date: 22 August - 25 August

Location: The RACV club, Melbourne

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IAACD Global Professional Education Committee Listening and Sharing Sessions 2023

Save the date!

Travel the globe with us for 24 hours of virtual Listening and Sharing sessions to celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities: 1st December 2023

The topic for this global event will beWhat do adults with disability tell us about their childhood?

Watch this space for more information on how to register for each session

Date: 1 December - 1 December

Location: Zoom-

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12th AusACPDM Biennial Conference: Respect Respond Reimagine

On behalf of the Australasian Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AusACPDM) we invite and welcome you to the 12th AusACPDM biennial conference hosted from Cairns, traditional lands of the Gimuy Wluburra Yidinji and Yirrganydji people, Australia July 30-August 4, 2024.

The conference theme Respect, Respond, Re-imagine embodies the values and visions of our Academy. Treating people with developmental disabilities and their families, First Nation’s people, each other and the environment with respect, ensuring that we respond to families’ needs, requests and priorities, and re-imagining a world where people with a neurological condition don’t actually have a disability because our world is fully accessible and ableism does not exist.

Our scientific program is starting to be developed in partnership with professionals across many disciplines and families and people with developmental disability. The program will offer a broad range of cutting-edge international research, best practice interventions, knowledge translation and inclusion, from both high and low resource settings.

We invite you to connect, communicate and collaborate, before, during and after the conference. COVID-19 continues to impact people but one of the few positives was the move to more accessible “virtual” education offerings. For this reason, the conference will be fully hybrid. You will be able to attend in person or virtually – whatever is most beneficial for you.

We are aiming to run our first carbon neutral conference. If you choose to join us in person we invite you to help us do this by reducing avoidable greenhouse gas emissions and waste, plus compensating through carbon offsetting. For some, attending virtually is also seen as more sustainable for the environment, another reason for the hybrid format. We will help you take on this mission – stay tuned for updates on the website. This is a very special part of the world, and we must leave no footprints at the end of the conference.

You will see changes on the website as we develop the program and we will continue to update you via e-zines and web notices. Please put the Conference website on your ‘quick-links’ and sign up for our e-zines to keep informed.

We look forward to working, learning and collaborating with you,

Sarah McIntyre, Alicia Spittle & Kirsty Stewart.

on behalf of the “Respect, Respond, Re-imagine” Organising committee

Sarah McIntyreAlicia Spittle Kirsty Stewart
Visit the “Respect, Respond, Re-imagine” website at 


Date: 31 July - 3 August

Location: Cairns, Far North Queensland

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