AusACPDM Listening and Sharing session: 29th November 2023

Building Skills for Independent Living – using pragmatic, socially motivated, learning programs

November 29th 4.00pm Australian EDST

Join us in our free listening and sharing session.

This session will be of interest to clinicians, researchers, students  and people with lived experience.

Topic information: The story of LightBulb Skills – a group that helps people with a range of disabilities develop the skills essential for living more independently.  Part Structured and Guided Teaching, Part Experiential Learning, and Part Reflections and Confidence Building; LightBulb Skills launched their unique workshops in WA in April 2022 and have grown steadily from word of mouth referrals since.

Speakers: Megan Hancock

The session will be facilitated by: Dr Stacey Cleary

Date: 29 November - 29 November

Location: Zoom, register for link

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IAACD Global Professional Education Committee Listening and Sharing Sessions 2023

Travel the globe with us for 24 hours of virtual Listening and Sharing sessions to celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities: 1st December 2023

The topic for this global event is “What do adults with disability tell us about their childhood?

Nearly 30 different sessions are available for you to join, at a time that suits you! View the timetable and register for the sessions in your time zone.

IAACD Global Listening and Sharing Sessions Timetable




Date: 1 December - 1 December

Location: Zoom-

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Save the Date. IAACD / EACD Conference in Heidelberg (Germany), June 24th-28th 2025.

The combined congress of the European Academy together with the International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability (EACD-IAACD) will take place from Tuesday 24th June to Saturday 28th June, 2025,  in Heidelberg, Germany. This will be a hybrid conference, held onsite at the new Heidelberg Congress Centre and will also be supported by 24 hour-online live sessions. This event is a rare global event of multiple professional groups focusing on the research, clinical care and support for individuals with childhood-onset disabilities. People with lived experience, families and stakeholders will be actively involved.

Keep up to date through the website and social media. In the next few weeks there will be weekly video clips  from around the world with over 70 interviews with professionals and persons with lived experiences, caregivers and stakeholders talking about their views, challenges and wishes in the field of child-onset disabilities.

Date: 4 December - 24 June

Location: Heidelberg Congress Center, HD Hauptbahnhof Süd, Heidelberg, Germany

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12th AusACPDM Biennial Conference: Respect Respond Reimagine

On behalf of the Australasian Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AusACPDM) we invite and welcome you to the 12th AusACPDM biennial conference hosted from Cairns, traditional lands of the Gimuy Wluburra Yidinji and Yirrganydji people, Australia July 30-August 4, 2024.

The conference theme Respect, Respond, Re-imagine embodies the values and visions of our Academy. Treating people with developmental disabilities and their families, First Nation’s people, each other and the environment with respect, ensuring that we respond to families’ needs, requests and priorities, and re-imagining a world where people with a neurological condition don’t actually have a disability because our world is fully accessible and ableism does not exist.

Our scientific program is starting to be developed in partnership with professionals across many disciplines and families and people with developmental disability. The program will offer a broad range of cutting-edge international research, best practice interventions, knowledge translation and inclusion, from both high and low resource settings.

We invite you to connect, communicate and collaborate, before, during and after the conference. COVID-19 continues to impact people but one of the few positives was the move to more accessible “virtual” education offerings. For this reason, the conference will be fully hybrid. You will be able to attend in person or virtually – whatever is most beneficial for you.

We are aiming to run our first carbon neutral conference. If you choose to join us in person we invite you to help us do this by reducing avoidable greenhouse gas emissions and waste, plus compensating through carbon offsetting. For some, attending virtually is also seen as more sustainable for the environment, another reason for the hybrid format. We will help you take on this mission – stay tuned for updates on the website. This is a very special part of the world, and we must leave no footprints at the end of the conference.

You will see changes on the website as we develop the program and we will continue to update you via e-zines and web notices. Please put the Conference website on your ‘quick-links’ and sign up for our e-zines to keep informed.

We look forward to working, learning and collaborating with you,

Sarah McIntyre, Alicia Spittle & Kirsty Stewart.

on behalf of the “Respect, Respond, Re-imagine” Organising committee

Sarah McIntyreAlicia Spittle Kirsty Stewart
Visit the “Respect, Respond, Re-imagine” website at 


Date: 31 July - 3 August

Location: Cairns, Far North Queensland

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