The AusACPDM is pleased to share podcast channels which may be of interest to those working in developmental medicine. If you know of any other relevant podcasts please let us know.

Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology Vodcast

Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology often invites authors to make a short video discussing the key points of their publication. Many AusACPDM members have agreed to share their vodcast on the AusACPDM website.

DMCN Vodcasts

AusACPDM podcast

The Research Works podcast

Hosted by Dr Dayna Pool and Dr Ashleigh Thornton, in association with Curtin University and the Healthy Strides FoundationResearch Works logo

ResearchWorks is designed for health professionals in the area of child health, where we discuss emerging, modern, evidence based research – the behind the scenes stories, interviews with world renowned authors and researchers, material that never made the papers and a breakdown on how you can implement this into your clinical practice

  • Find the podcast on Spotify
  • Find the podcast on Google podcasts
  • Find the podcast on Apple podcasts by searching ‘ResearchWorks’ in the app

Visit the Research Works website


The NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Cerebral Palsy podcast

The CRE-CP records their education seminars and makes them available as audio podcasts. You can subscribe to the channel by searching for “CRE-CP” in your podcasting app.