2024 Lived Experience Photo Exhibition Voting – FAMILY

Below are our photographic submissions for the FAMILY category.


Within the maroon spectator stands filled with people in maroon jerseys, a young boy wearing headphones in the foreground with his hands waving sits next to his family.

02. Let’s Go Broncos!


A smiling young boy wearing a camo jacket and using a walking frame is leading a pony. A girl toddler wearing a rainbow tutu sits proudly on a saddle on the pony's back.

06. Big Brother Things. (Leah Small)


A teenager in a power wheelchair playfully enacts a scene from "Titanic" with their parents and sibling. The ship is sinking in the background on a giant mural that covers the entire floor and wall. The family appears to be perched on wooden objects floating in the ocean.

11. Enduring the storm together. (Rianna Gialouris)


A man in a grey jacket sitting in a wheelchair looking at a baby sitting in a bicycle seat attached to his wheelchair.

16. Oliver and Ziggy. (Frances Hunter)


Alfie, a 5 year old boy with muscular dystrophy is playing an iPad while using his standing frame. He has a big smile on his face and has his arm around his little sister.

20. Untitled. (Prudence Jones)


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