Cerebral palsy for general practitioners: Fact Sheets

Educational resources designed to support general practitioners in the care of their patients with cerebral palsy.

Authors: Dinah Reddihough, Jane Tracy, Tessa de Vries, Debbie Dordan, Natasha Street (2018)

These Resources include 16 ‘CP for GP’s’ Fact Sheets

  • Fact sheet 1: What is cerebral palsy?
  • Fact sheet 2: Causes of cerebral palsy
  • Fact sheet 3: Medical care of individuals with cerebral palsy
  • Fact sheet 4: Communication and cerebral palsy
  • Fact sheet 5: Managing complexity
  • Fact sheet 6: Role for multidisciplinary team members
  • Fact sheet 7: Pain in cerebral palsy
  • Fact sheet 8: Growing up and getting older with cerebral palsy
  • Fact sheet 9: Mental health and cerebral palsy
  • Fact sheet 10: Movement disorders
  • Fact sheet 11: Orthopaedic management of cerebral palsy
  • Fact sheet 12: Sleep and cerebral palsy
  • Fact sheet 13: Early detection and diagnosis of cerebral palsy
  • Fact sheet 14: The NDIS for GPs
  • Fact sheet 15: Referral pathways
  • Fact sheet 16: Tips for people with cerebral palsy and those who support them in healthcare

Access the Fact Sheets here