2024 Lived Experience Photo Exhibition Voting – FUN

Below are our photographic submissions under the FUN category:


A young person stands on a grassy field with his orange walking frame wearing a dinosaur helmet, his face obscured. He stands with a sheep who also wears a similar dinosaur good. There is another child in a red dress with a sheep next to him and spectators in the distance on a mountinous backdrop.

05. Pet day Dinosaur duo!!! (Leah Small)


A teenager sits in a power wheelchair, smiling and looking toward someone off camera. Their chair is positioned on a giant mural covering the entire floor and wall, making it look like they are perched on a floating rock. Their hand is touching the beak of an enormous black raptor bird.

10. Living life on the edge! (Rianna Gialouris)


A young woman using a wheelchair and wearing a puffer jacket sits next to a paddock with two dark brown Shetland ponies. She is reaching through the fence, smiling and patting one of the ponies.

15. Fun with the Shetland Ponies (Nicole Thorn)


A teenage girl with glasses does a split while jumping on a trampoline

18. The sky is the limit. (Nofar Ben Itzhak)


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