Along with the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) and the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD), the AusACPDM is a founding member of the IAACD. The purpose and mission of IAACD are to improve the health and well-being of children, youth and adults with childhood-onset disabilities around the globe by enhancing local multidisciplinary professional capacity and expertise through an international collaboration between academies. In this regard, IAACD’s purpose and mission includes:

  1. Promoting evidence based teaching and training of multidisciplinary professionals in all aspects of childhood-onset disability with a lifespan perspective across different regions and cultures;
  2. Fostering collaboration to support all involved in the care of children and youth with disabilities including parents, caretakers, communities and professionals;
  3. Promoting scientific and needs-driven research in childhood disability that is applicable across diverse needs and conditions;
  4. Promoting the implementation of childhood-onset disability practice which is informed by regional and cultural variation; and
  5. Partnering with key stakeholders and organizations in support of the rights of individuals with childhood-onset disabilities.

Initial work of IAACD has included:

  • Creation of a governance framework including formal constitution, legal incorporation and Executive Committee structure;
  • Regular videoconferencing between Founding Academy and Executive Committee members to establish governance, processes and strategic directions;
  • Development of the Global Professional Education Committee (GPEC) membership and education program to coincide with the European Academy of Child Disability (EACD) meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia in May 2018;
  • Development of initial strategic plan to guide activities over the next 12 months.

Involvement of AusACPDM members includes Christine Imms, Sarah Love, James Rice (Executive Committee); Kath Benfer, Alicia Spittle (Global Professional Education Committee); Ros Boyd, Christine Imms, Elaine Meehan (Membership Committee); Sian Williams, Rachel Toovey (Communications Committee); and Megan Auld (Clinical Best Practice Committee).

The Finance sub-committee is in the process of being established.

Visit the IAACD website at https://iaacd.net/