2024 Lived Experience Photo Exhibition Voting – FITNESS

Below are our photographic submissions for the FITNESS category:


A young boy atop a surfboard in shallow waters with two women standing in the water beside him, a third adult is obscured behind the board. They are surrounded by water with a rocky break water in the far distance.

01. Surfs up! (Yvette Pollock)


A young boy using a wheelchair on a basketball court with coloured lines snaking behind him. There are around 5-6 other wheelchair basketballers behind him on the far side of the court.

03. Hoop Hoop Hooray! (Yvette Pollock)


A young girl in a green shirt with white stripes, brace on her left leg, which trails behind her runs on a gravel path with a big smile next to green grass and trees.

04. District X Country Smile. (Scott Antony)


A young boy wearing a camo jacket smiles proudly while standing in his walking frame and holding a fishing rod with both hands. There are two other rods and a cooler behind him, with mountains rising dramatically from a black pebble beach in the background.

07. Catch of the Day. (Leah Small)


A man stands proudly puffing his chest with arms by his side. He is wearing a black jersey with a large white "V" design with logos "Fesitval of World Cups" on his right chest, "Physical Disability Rugby League New Zealand" on the left chest and sponsor logo in the centre.

08. Represent with Pride. (Jed Stone)


A teenager uses a walker to stroll down a suburban footpath. The sun is setting and there are trees lining the path and red flowers have fallen on the ground.

12. Enjoying the Sunset One Step at a Time. (Rianna Gialouris)


A woman with brightly coloured fitness clothes and using a four wheeled walker stands on stage. She is looking towards an instructor who is demonstrating Zumba moves.

13. Zumba Fun. (Nicole Thorn)


An adolescent boy walks with his Kaye Walker to school, in the background farming fields are visible

19. Building endurance on a serene walk to school. (Nofar Ben Itzhak)


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