AusACPDM Pain Research Special Interest Group

This group brings together individuals from across Australia and New Zealand with a professional interest in best practice chronic pain identification and management for people with cerebral palsy. We come from different health fields as well as the lived experience of cerebral palsy. Current research indicates that up to 3 out of 4 individuals living with cerebral palsy experience pain of varying degrees across their lifetime, with negative impact on participation and mental health. We meet every 1-2 months to discuss research, conferences and share knowledge.

The objectives of the Pain in Cerebral Palsy Special Interest Group are to:

  • Foster collaboration, share ideas and support future research into the assessment and management of chronic pain for people with cerebral palsy
  • Advocate that all research is done in partnership with consumers
  • Facilitate knowledge translation across Australia and New Zealand

Steering Committee Members: Dr Simon Paget (co-chair); Nadine Smith (co-chair); Amy Hogan, A/Prof Adrienne Harvey, Dr Angie Morrow, Katarina Ostojic, Jennifer Lewis, Suzanne Smith, Therese Everton

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