The Australian & New Zealand CP Strategy

Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood and people with cerebral palsy experience significant barriers in everyday life. Complex and lifelong physical, medical, educational and social needs associated with cerebral palsy remain unmet. Furthermore, relative to the condition’s prevalence, cerebral palsy remains under-recognised both at a societal level and within the political arena.

As such, a targeted Australian and New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Strategy has been developed. The Australian and New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Strategy reflects a united voice informed by people with cerebral palsy, their families, professionals and researchers across Australia and New Zealand.




View the Academy launch of the ANZ CP Strategy from the ‘2020 Visionaries’ AusACPDM conference in March, 2020.

For further information or to download The Strategy and related resources please visit the CP Strategy website

The Australian and New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Strategy was authored by a broad coalition of national cerebral palsy focused organisations, service providers, researchers, as well as people with cerebral palsy from Australia and New Zealand.

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