Mentor Program

Conference Mentor Support Program

The AusACPDM offers a Mentoring Program for conference scholarship recipients.

The mentoring program matches conference scholars with a volunteer mentor. Conference mentors are introduced to their mentee by e-mail prior to the Conference and then meet during the conference program.

Mentors are experienced AusACPDM members who are available during the conference to provide guidance and support to their mentee in areas such as networking, introductions to key researchers in their field of expertise, assistance in identifying professional development opportunities during and beyond the conference and to discuss their career plans. Mentors and mentees also attend the International Affairs lunch together.

This program is designed to support mentees to get the most out of their Conference experience. Whilst there is no expectation of an ongoing mentor commitment, if both parties wish to continue this relationship beyond the Conference week they are welcome to do so.

Response to the program in previous years has been incredibly positive with mentees reporting how much they valued the experience with 90% reporting that the support they received met their expectations and 80% noting they remained in contact with their mentor after the Conference.

Comments from previous year’s mentee group:

“Being introduced to key people in the same research field as me was great”             

“I enjoyed meeting other students”

“My mentor supported me in terms of both my personal and professional development”


2024 AusACPDM Volunteer Conference Mentors

We would like to thank academy members who have generously volunteered their time as mentors for the 2024 Conference

AusACPDM Conference Mentor Booklet_2024