Auckland 2018: Empowerment and Partnership

Congratulations to all the Award winners and Scholarship Recipients for the 9th Biennial AusACPDM Conference. More information about the conference can be located here.

Dinah Reddihough Presidential Guest Lecture: Iona Novak

CP Alliance Prevention and Cure: Anna Mackey

Local Hero: Jordan Milroy

Transformative Practice: Susan Stott

Person with a Disability Fellowship: Amy Hogan

Promising Career: Joanne George

Best Paper: Rachel Toovey

Best Poster: Anna Chilosi

PhD Platform Awards: Hayley Smithers-Sheedy, Claire Willis and Rachel Toovey


Scholarship Winners

  • Caroline Alexander
  • Natasha Bear
  • Mercedes Brunner
  • Tara Fitzgerald
  • Mohammad Karim
  • Gopi Kitnasamy
  • Francis Laryea
  • Thilini Madushika
  • Clare McKinnon
  • Katarina Ostojic
  • Sarah Reedman
  • Buddhika Senevirathne
  • Rachel Toovey
  • Nienke Veerbeek