Update from Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology – May 2024

Update from Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology – May 2024

20th May, 2024

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The Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Impact of HIV Through the Lens of Pediatrics.

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Recent Advances in the Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Impact of HIV is an essential resource for all clinicians involved in the care of children and adolescents with HIV and their families, including doctors, paediatricians, psychologists, and other health practitioners and researchers. Compiled and written by clinician-researchers from sub-Saharan Africa predominantly, the chapters provide comprehensive, well-written reviews of the major research findings in this field – informative for both novice and expert alike. Importantly, the chapters also convey the authors’ considerable experience in applying these research findings in real-world clinical settings, particularly in the low-resource health systems where the impact of the HIV pandemic is most felt. This gives the book a richness and immediacy beyond simply providing information. Available in eBook and hardback.

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Child Development and Disability Essentials. A new e-learning resource is a comprehensive and practical course and online resource, Child Development and Disability Essentials introduces the concepts of childhood-onset disability and some of the common disabling neurodevelopmental differences and conditions as well as typical development and common variations.

  • Mapped to RCPCH Progress+ competencies & capabilities
  • Aimed at Level 1 (core) paediatric trainees (those in first 4 years of paediatric training)
  • Multimedia and interactive activities and tools
  • Co-developed by multi-disciplinary clinical teams including paediatric trainees and families

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DMCN June 2024 Issue

DMCN Editor’s Choice:

‘YourTube’ the role of different diets in gastrostomy-fed children: Baseline findings from a prospective cohort study

This prospective cohort study of children collected baseline data on gastrointestinal symptoms, nutritional intake, anthropometric outcomes, parent and child quality of life, and resource use.

 Key papers in Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology this month:

 Cerebral palsy registers around the world: A survey

This study aims to provide a description of cerebral palsy (CP) registers globally, identify which aim to report on CP epidemiology, and report similarities and differences across topics of importance for the sustainability and collaboration between registers.

Lived experience of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A qualitative scoping review

In this paper, the authors explore the lived experiences of individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), their caregivers, and professionals working with individuals with FASD.

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Top podcast

Alison Gifford discusses her BPNA paper ‘Reducing epilepsy diagnostic and treatment gaps: Standardized paediatric epilepsy training courses for health care professionals’. To find out more about PET, contact international@bpna.org.uk