Update from Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology – March 2024

Update from Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology – March 2024

15th March, 2024

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Promoting Physical Activity and Fitness

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Exercise is crucial for overall health, with mental and physical benefits. Promoting Physical Activity and Fitness offers clear guidance on evaluating, training, and supporting physical activity for individuals with childhood-onset disabilities. It covers fitness assessment, safe engagement, progress tracking, pain management, and tailored information for specific groups. The book provides easy-to-understand, evidence-based fitness information, suggests suitable activities for various conditions, includes helpful tables, and is authored by a diverse team of experts.

For a more in-depth overview of the book, watch the editors, Désirée Maltais and Reidun Jahnsen, in a lively discussion.  Select your preferred format – available in Hardback or eBook – and stay informed with the latest guidance on disability physical activity.

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A comprehensive and practical course and online resource, Child Development and Disability Essentials introduces the concepts of childhood-onset disability and some of the common disabling neurodevelopmental differences and conditions as well as typical development and common variations.

The diverse array of multimedia activities will engage users and support development of the knowledge and skills necessary to assess and manage children and young people with a range of different needs

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DMCN April 2024 Issue


DMCN Editor’s Choice


Principles for good scholarship in systematic reviews

In this invited review, the authors address how to meet methodological conduct standards applicable to key components of systematic reviews. These standards are placed in the context of good scholarship principles for systematic review development.


Key papers in Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology this month:


Prevalence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autism in 12-year-old children: A population-based cohort

This paper investigates the prevalence of ADHD and autism spectrum disorder in a population-based birth cohort and correlates the findings with prenatal and perinatal factors.


Growth patterns in individuals with CDKL5 deficiency disorder

This study compares growth in individuals with cyclin-dependent kinase-like 5 (CDKL5) deficiency disorder with population norms and investigates the effect of gastrostomy on growth.


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In this podcast, André Bachmann & Caleb Bupp discuss their paper: Bachmann–Bupp syndrome and treatment.

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