COVID-19 Emergency Task Force: Calls for AusACPDM COVID-19 Working Group EOI

COVID-19 Emergency Task Force: Calls for AusACPDM COVID-19 Working Group EOI

29th April, 2020

In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, the International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability (IAACD) is initiating an Emergency Task Force. The AusACPDM is now seeking expressions of interest from members to be part of an AusACPDM COVID 19 working Group and join this IAACD Task Force.

The main criteria are that people should already be involved in some initiative similar to those outlined below OR are passionate about this challenge.

Below are some the initiatives discussed by the task force, however, other ideas are most welcome:

1. Bring together initiatives to assess the impact of the COVID pandemic on children, families, clinicians and service providers. A number of surveys are being conducted worldwide and the task force would aim to collate initiatives already underway in a spirit of collaboration.

2. Align initiatives to build a global picture of the impact of COVID on children, families, clinicians and services

3. The pandemic has created many challenges but also many positives. It is important we capture both. This data may influence future practice e.g. technological innovations for consultation, conferences and parental perspectives on spending more time as a family.

4. Pull together resources for families and professionals/services for improving health and lifestyles. Resources on coping and enjoyment during this period would be useful. A sub-group could pull together and review such resources which can then be highlighted through our websites and via social media.

5. The Task Force would aim to check with carers and carer groups about what issues/questions are important to them with a view to forming potential research ideas for the global community.

6. Potentially hosting ‘Listening Sessions’ for carers and young people (and professionals) lasting 60 to 90 minutes where families can join a web based facilitated meeting. The meetings may be local, national or international. These would give families the opportunity to share their experience, talk about the impact on children and family life, discuss challenges and opportunities, ask questions etc.

If you are interested in representing the AusACPDM on this Task Force please forward your details and brief explanation of your interest to by 5pm on 11th May 2020.
We look forward to receiving your replies

Thank you
Kirsty Stewart