Success of the Global 24 hour Listening and Sharing sessions

Success of the Global 24 hour Listening and Sharing sessions

8th October, 2020

IAACD COVID-19 Taskforce

To mark 2020’s World Cerebral Palsy Day, the IAACD COVID-19 Taskforce held a Global 24 hour Virtual Listening and Sharing event on October 6th, creating a space for health workers to share their experiences, challenges and innovations, when providing services to children with disabilities during COVID-19.

This masterclass in international collaboration, co-operation and goodwill resulted in 19 sessions in 6 different languages, from over 45 countries covering all world time zones, with over 2000 registrations and at least 18 different disciplines. Whilst many different experiences were shared, there were many common themes including the willingness for health professionals to want to help, telehealth, social/health inequities and looking after our well-being.

Well done to everyone involved, including members of the AusACPDM COVID19 Taskforce- in particular Alicia Spittle for her leadership in supporting this amazing event.

Visit the IAACD website for the release of the full report, and recordings of sessions.