Study Recruitment: Exploring Family-centred approaches to practice (Envisage SP)

Study Recruitment: Exploring Family-centred approaches to practice (Envisage SP)

7th July, 2023

Researchers at The University of Melbourne and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute wish to engage with service providers (SPs) who work with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families to take part in a research project about how service providers working with these children and their families understand, think about and implement family-centred approaches to practice.

The research project is being undertaken in Australia and is open to service providers, including medical, nursing and allied health clinicians, working with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities aged 0-12 years and their families.

This research project is part of a broader program of research, the ENVISAGE program.  ENVISAGE stands for ENabling VISions And Growing Expectations and is a collaboration between researchers, parent partners and service providers in Australia and Canada.  ENVISAGE is strongly aligned with the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health and the overarching aim is to support the translation of knowledge about evidence-informed, family-centred, holistic, strengths-based, function-promoting approaches into clinical practice to empower families and clinicians.

The research project is made up of 3 stages, and each is conducted online:

  1. A survey.
  2. An interview.
  3.  Focus groups.

Participation in each stage is optional, and participation in the survey does not indicate consent to the subsequent stages.  Consent for the interview and focus group will only be sought from people who express interest in participating after completing the survey.

Further information is available in the attached information sheet, or you can email the study team at