Study recruitment: Active-Prem Co-Design Project

Study recruitment: Active-Prem Co-Design Project

15th May, 2024

EOIs close Monday 17th June 2024


The Active-Prem study is looking for enthusiastic individuals to take part in a project aiming to design online programs for support parents and coaches to improve physical activity participation for preschool age children who were born early or preterm.


This project aims to design two online programs to support preschool-aged children born very preterm to participate in physical activities in their local communities:

  1. The Active-Prem Coach Program will be targeted towards coaches of community-based physical activities, and will aim to improve coaches’ knowledge and confidence to better include preschool-aged children born very preterm in their classes
  2. The Active-Prem Parent Program will be designed to assist parents to support their preschool-aged child’s inclusion in community-based physical activity.

Each program will be co-designed collaboratively by a team which will include parents of children born very preterm, healthcare professionals, physical activity coaches and researchers.


  • parents of children born very preterm (less than 32 weeks’ gestation) whose child is currently preschool age (3-5 years) or older.


  • coaches with >5 years’ experience working as a coach or teacher of a community-based physical activity that is offered to preschool age children (3-5 years)


  • Healthcare professionals currently working, or have >5 years’ experience working with children born very preterm and their families.

ALL participants must be currently residing in Australia


The advertising materials attached are for expression of interest in one of the two co-design teams.

When completing the expression of interest forms, individuals will be asked to provide some personal information, such as name and contact details. These details have been kept to a minimum, will be securely stored on University of Melbourne password protected programs.

Detailed information about what is involved in the co-design process (e.g. time commitment) is included in the expression of interest form. Contact details are provided on the advertising materials if individuals have questions or concerns.

This research is approved by a HREC (Uni of Melb).

Flyers below:

Access Active Prem Co-Design all participants ad

Access Active Prem Co-Design Health Care Professional ad