Previous award recipients – 2022

Local Hero Award

Acknowledges contribution to the local community

This will be a person with cerebral palsy or developmental disability, aged from 12 years, who residing in the area of the confernce. 

2022 Award Winner: Noah Callan


Transformative Practice

Recognises contribution to translating research into practice

Criteria: This person will be a clinician of any discipline who encourages evidence-based practice and translates research into practice

 2022 Award Winner: Noula Gibson


Person with Lived Experience – Outstanding Contribution

Recognises contribution to knowledge, health or wellbeing of others with disability

Criteria: This will be a person with cerebral palsy or developmental disability who promotes the health and wellbeing of others

 2022 Award Winner: Robyne Burridge


Advocacy Achievement Award

Acknowledges advocacy efforts

Criteria: This person will have made significant contributions to advocating for people with a lived experience of disability

 2022 Award Winner: Anne McKenzie


Mentorship Award

Acknowledges mentoring leadership.

Criteria: This person will have had an impact on mentoring to improve services and care, promote professionalism and support ongoing education and research

 2022 Award Winner: Sarah McIntyre