Portfolios have been introduced as an opportunity for general members to become more involved with the working of the Board of Directors, and to help manage the AusACPDM’s tasks and objectives. General members are encouraged to self-nominate for portfolios in which they feel their skills and interest will be helpful. The portfolio structure is outlined below:

Advocacy and Awards

The advocacy and awards portfolio advocates for health professionals and families, manages the award system to recognise outstanding contribution to the developmental medicine sector and emerging researchers, coordinates the family day alongside the biennial scientific conference, and liaises with governments on position statements or policy changes.

International Affairs and Strategic Alliance

This portfolio aims to build and maintain links with international academies and other leading groups that focus on childhood disabilities, to promote new and existing international and regional educational activities. The portfolio also manages the Scholarship and mentoring program for AusACPDM conferences.

Non-conference Professional Development and Website

Members of this portfolio develop off-year professional development activities, with a focus on education that can be delivered in multimedia format. Quality training and educational opportunities are continuously sought and promoted to the AusACPDM members. This portfolio also manages the AusACPDM website, gatekeeper process and member newsletters.

Scientific Education

The scientific education portfolio promotes relevant resources and publications for both health professionals and families, manages requests for endorsement of publications and guidelines and position statements, and convenes a scientific conference committee for each biennial scientific conference.

Membership and Finance

The membership and finance portfolio reviews membership applications and lifetime membership opportunities, continuously seeks to assess membership needs and develop strategies to maximise member benefits and satisfaction, and manages the AusACPDM finances.

If you would like further information please contact the AusACPDM Administrator on info@ausapcdm.org.au.