Participation in Physical Activity Poster Design Competition

Participation in Physical Activity Poster Design Competition

22nd August, 2023

Gaela Kilgour is a post-doctoral fellow for CP-Achieve and wants to understand more about the experiences of being involved in physical activity for people with disabilities. Gaela has teamed up with Healthy Trajectories and they have created a Poster design competition to encourage anyone of any age and ability level to show us using art what they think about being involved with physical activity. The competition will run until the 14th September. We would like to encourage people with a disability, siblings, families and friends to be creative using any form of art to tell their story.

This project is supported by CP-Achieve and Healthy Trajectories, both of whom support health and wellbeing outcomes for people with disabilities. 

With permission of participants, the posters will be used in presentations and be displayed in potential places like Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne.

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