New Membership Benefit Alert: Member directory

5th May, 2023

AusACPDM members can now contact each other more easily with our new online membership directory. To make your profile visible to other members, please log in to your AusACDM profile and untick ‘Hide from Member Directory’.

The membership directory will show your name, email, organisation, position, areas of interest, discipline, profile picture, and bio. You may like to add your social media handles, webpage, or other contact information to your bio so that others can stay in touch, or find out more about you and your work. You will be able to search for other members by name or keyword to connect more quickly and keep in touch between conferences.

AusACPDM Membership Directory Instructions

Make your profile visible: 

When joining/renewing your AusACPDM registration, leave the tick box requesting to hide your profile unchecked- your profile will automatically be visible on renewal.

At any other time, log into your AusACPDM account and update your membership directory preferences.

  1. Log in
  2. Click ‘Profile’
  3. Ensure tick boxes for ‘Hide from Membership Directory’ are unchecked under ‘Profile’ and ‘Membership Directory’

Update your profile details

  1. Log in
  2. Click ‘Profile’
  3. Update information under ‘Profile’ and ‘Membership Directory’ and include a photo

View the Directory

Click on ‘Member Directory’ in the ‘Member Portal’ page to view the profiles of members who have made their profiles available.