#MillionsofReasons to celebrate World CP Day

#MillionsofReasons to celebrate World CP Day

23rd September, 2021

We are less than 2 weeks out from World Cerebral Palsy Day (“WCPD”) on 6th October. WCPD was created by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance nearly ten years ago as an opportunity to celebrate, acknowledge and unite in action for the global CP community.

Each year on October 6th, we ask people around the world to come together to celebrate and support those living with cerebral palsy, to embrace diversity and to help create a more accessible future for everyone.

We now have more than 110 countries that participate in this day, and more than 26 million people reached through the campaign last year alone.

This year, our campaign is #MillionsofReasons. Cerebral palsy affects more than 17 million people worldwide, so that is millions of reasons to make your voice heard.

We would love for you to take part in the campaign. It’s easy!

All you need to do is:

  1. Post “your reason” for celebrating or speaking up on World Cerebral Palsy Day on our world map: https://worldcpday.org/add-to-the-map/. This can be an idea, a solution, an unmet need or an accomplishment you feel is worthy of attention. No reason is too big or small!
  2. Share your reason on social media and tag us in your post using @worldcpday and include the hashtag #MillionsOfReasons before 6th October.
  3. Share the World CP Day website or Facebook page with your clients, colleagues, families and community members.

 Download the tools and myth-busters on the website and share with your networks.

Millions of Reasons will help raise awareness by highlighting the reasons cerebral palsy deserves more attention, more funding and more rights.