“I’ll let myself in” – A book by Hannah Diviney

“I’ll let myself in” – A book by Hannah Diviney

29th September, 2023

I’ll Let Myself In- Breaking down doors, claiming space and finding your wheels

Hannah Diviney is an AusACPDM member, leading writer, disability and women’s rights advocate in Sydney, Australia. She began her career at Mamamia at the age of fifteen and since then has become the co-founder and Editor and Chief of Missing Perspectives, is the face of the global campaign for a Disabled Disney Princess and is the woman who called out Lizzo for using an ableist slur. She also plays the female lead in the SBS TV Series Latecomers. I’ll Let Myself In is her first book

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A defiant coming of age story about a young woman coming to terms with all that she is, the good, the bad and the ugly.

When it occurred to me that the only real books I’d ever read with disabled characters in them were specialty books, displayed and designed exclusively for therapy settings, some of the hollowness I’d learnt to live with started making sense.

Hannah Diviney has always known that her experience of the world was fundamentally different from those around her. While her friends went to soccer and dance and little athletics, Hannah was going to physio and doctors’ appointments. While her friends got jobs, fell in love and went clubbing, Hannah surrounded herself with the fantastical worlds she found in books. But books where people like her were nowhere to be found.

Refusing to accept the narratives, or lack thereof, that she’d been given, Hannah was determined to forge her own path in a world that wasn’t designed for her, and to be the representation she’d always wanted to see.

Both deeply personal and yet utterly relatable, I’ll Let Myself In is a young woman’s battle-cry over the voices who try to tell her who she can and can’t be, and a reminder not to wait to be invited to the table but to break the door down and demand to be heard.