IAACD Knowledge Hub

IAACD Knowledge Hub

9th June, 2021

Did you know that the International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability (of which you are automatically a member of if you are an AusACPDM Member!) has a Knowledge Hub (https://iaacd.net/search-knowledge-hub/ ) geared up to meet the needs of clinicians and families worldwide?? And we’d love to have contributions from YOU!

The Knowledge Hub is being developed as the go-to place for good quality, free access, or peer-reviewed information on childhood disabilities. These contributions can be teaching and training material in a variety of formats, including videos, presentations, articles, written resources etc. The material needs to be evidence-based, ethical and culturally sensitive. It could be something you’ve developed yourself, or links to some of your favourite go-to resources! The Knowledge Hub will arrange review (as needed), contact the original authors for permission to host, or provide links to other sites/ resources. There is always acknowledgment of the contributor(s) who suggested the material and submitted it (see examples here https://iaacd.net/contributors/). The Knowledge Hub is also keen to host material in languages additional to English, and that are culturally sensitive to the needs of a range of geographic locations.

So dig out all those pearls of wisdom from your hard drive, and head to https://iaacd.net/submission/ to submit!