AusACPDM Pre-Conference Workshops – 30th July

Implementing early intervention for infants (0-2 years) at risk of adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes

Tuesday 30th July, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Presenters: Prof Roslyn Boyd, Prof Stacey Dusing, Dr Sue Greaves, Prof Andrea Guzzetta, Dr Cathy Morgan, Prof Iona Novak, Prof Alicia Spittle
This workshop is aimed at clinicians (allied health and medical) and parents of young children at high risk of adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes. It will focus on the practical implementation of early intervention to improve a range of neurodevelopmental outcomes for at risk infants born preterm and/or with cerebral palsy or Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI). The workshop will focus on key principles informing early intervention and the latest evidence-based trials conducted with infants with cerebral palsy and/or born preterm. Throughout the workshop there will be a strong focus on practical strategies using illustrative case studies and the use of assessments to inform the choice of intervention strategies that are most appropriate to individualise therapy.

The four targeted early intervention areas will include:

  • Goals Activity Motor and Environmental Enrichment (GAME) for all infants at high risk of CP;
  • Two upper limb therapy approaches for infants with or at high risk of unilateral CP (modified constraint-induced movement therapy – Baby-CIMT and bimanual therapy -Baby-BIM) in REACH;
  • Early intervention for preterm infants – SPEEDI and TEDI-PREM;
  • Assessment and intervention strategies for infants with Cerebral Visual Impairment (VISIBLE).

Promoting Wellbeing for children, young people and their families: A practical approach

Tuesday 30th July, 8:30am – 4:30pm
Presenters: Dr Giuliana Antolivich, Dr Jasneek Chawla, Dr Sue McCabe, Jacqui Barfoot, Grace Kirby, Assoc Prof Adrienne Harvey, Amy Hogan, Georgie Henry, Hannah Diviney

This workshop will explore and promote the importance of wellbeing for children and their families from early childhood through to adulthood. It will provide research updates and an evidence-based practice approach exploring pain, fatigue and sleep. The importance of good physical health, participation in physical activity and good mental health will be addressed. Participants will hear from panellists with lived experience and research and clinical experts in the fields of sleep, pain, fatigue, wellbeing and participation across childhood disability. The workshop aims to provide clinicians with a range of tips, tricks and tools that can be implemented in clinical practice.

Date: 30 July - 30 July

Location: Cairns

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