6th Oct: World CP Day 24hr Listening and Sharing session

What is this 24-hour session about?

By focusing only on diagnosis, we may be missing vital information which we ordinarily think about as clinicians of any sort when we are asked to work with a child and families. We have a long tradition of thinking diagnostically and functionally (or categorically). The idea of focusing just on diagnosis or function is clearly a limitation and we believe we need to expand our thinking.

This 24-hour session provides an opportunity for health professionals working in the field of childhood disability, parents and experiential experts across the globe to come together and ask one another “How can we best benefit from combining two approaches (Functional and Diagnosis thinking)? What are we missing?” “(How) can we integrate and expand both approaches in order to cover topics like bodily functions, mental wellbeing, meaning, quality of life, participating, daily functioning, psychological, social, pedagogical and spiritual aspects?”

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Wednesday 6th October 2021 at 4.30pm Australian EST

Date: 6 October - 6 November

Location: Zoom, please register for links to each hour session

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