eHealth Summit for Paediatric Therapists

eHealth Summit for Paediatric Therapists

22nd May, 2020

The eHealth Paediatric Summit: A virtual event delivering evidence-based knowledge and practical strategies in one easy-to-access location for therapists working in paediatric rehabilitation.

The eHealth Paediatric Summit will be live from 28-31st May 2020 (NZ time zone).

This summit has been coordinated by a group of clinicians and academics as a way of showcasing the clinical innovation and research happening in the current Telehealth/Digital Health space. The summit aims to curate content specific to paediatrics in one easy-to-access location. Speakers that are on the front line of online therapy delivery or research will showcase their evidence based practice and clinical strategies to share with clinicians working directly in the Telehealth/Digital Health space.

Topics cover a wide range of categories relevant to paediatric rehabilitation a digital space, including early intervention, developmental disabilities, therapy in schools, providing distance learning to postgraduate and undergraduate therapists, tools, ethics, as well as running an online business as a therapist.

Speakers are from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, Canada and Israel.

The Summit is free to attend over the 4 day duration as it runs live, with a premium access option for attendees wishing to access extended content and networking opportunities.

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