Sponsor & Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Sponsor & Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

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  1. The term ‘Organiser’ refers to DC Conferences acting as agent for Australian Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AusACPDM).
  2. The terms ‘Exhibitor’ and ‘Supporter’ include any person, firm, company, corporation or association and its employees and agents identified in Booking Form or other written request for Exhibition Space or Support.
  3. A “Contract” is formed between the Organiser and Exhibitor and /or Supporter when the Organiser accepts the signed application form and/ or receives full payment, whichever comes first.
  4. The Organiser reserves the right in unforeseen circumstances to amend or alter the exact site of the location of the stand.
  5. The Organiser reserves the right to change the exhibition floor layout if necessary.
  6. The Organiser may refuse without limitation to permit activity within the exhibition or may require cessation of particular activities at their discretion.
  7. The Organiser reserves the right to specify heights of walls and coverings for display areas.
  8. The Organiser may determine the hours during which the Exhibitor will have access to the exhibition venue for setting up and dismantling.
  9. The Organiser will specify conditions relating to the movement of goods and displays, prior, during and after the exhibition.
  10. The Organiser will accept no liability for loss or damage of equipment delivered, displayed or used by the exhibitor at the venue.
  11. The Organiser and the Organising Committee reserve the right to change any part of the  prospectus.

Obligations and Rights of Exhibitors

  1. The Exhibitor must ensure that all accounts are finalised and paid three working days prior to the conference start date.
  2. The Exhibitor must use allocated space only for the display and promotion of goods and / or services within the scope of the exhibition.
  3. The Exhibitor must comply with all directions / requests listed in the Exhibitor Manual.
  4. The Exhibitor will submit plans and visuals of custom designed exhibits to the Organiser for approval prior to 15 January 2020.
  5. The Exhibitor acknowledges that the Organiser will not be able to provide assistance in tracking lost deliveries.
  6. The Exhibitor agrees that the Organiser will not be liable for any goods rejected by the venue or lost or damaged prior to the delivery date specified or on return.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that the space hired for their exhibition complies with their company policy or codes of conduct.

Storage of Goods

  1. Instructions regarding storage will be outlined in the Exhibitor Manual distributed prior to the exhibition.

Stand Services and Construction

  1. Official contractors will be appointed by the Organiser to undertake stand construction plus supply furniture and IT equipment. All non-official contractors wishing to enter the
  2. exhibition are required to provide current Certificates of Currency for Insurance, Public Liability and OH&S. Access will be denied without such documentation.

Insurance and Liability

  1. All Exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance for the period of the exhibition and must be able to produce this documentation immediately at the request of the Organiser.
  2. Exhibitors must insure, indemnify and hold the Organiser harmless in respect of all damages, injuries, costs, claims, demands, expenses and interest for which the Organiser
  3. may become liable, to the extent that such damages are caused by or arise from the negligent, reckless or wrongful act of Exhibitor or its representatives.
  4. The Organiser, the venue and the Organising Committee cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to property sustained or occasioned from any cause whatsoever.

Payment and Cancellation

  1. A contract is entered into on receipt of a signed booking form and / or full payment.
  2. Cancellation must be advised in writing.
  3. No exhibitor shall occupy allocation space until all monies owing to the Organiser by the Exhibitor are paid in full.
  4. The Exhibitor or Sponsor accepts that:
  • Prior to and including 10 October 2019 a 50% refund will be granted.
  • From 10 October to 10 December 2019 a 25% refund will be granted.
  • After 10 December 2019, no refunds are available.