Perth 2020: Visionaries

Congratulations to all the Award winners and Scholarship Recipients for the 10th Biennial AusACPDM Conference.

Award Winners

Presidential Guest Lecture: Professor Nadia Badawi

Dinah Reddihough Oration: Professor Rosalyn N Boyd 

Local Hero Award: Madison Heady

Transformative Practice: Dr James Rice

Person with a Lived Experience Outstanding Contribution Award: Cain Beckett 

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation – Best prevention or cure paper: Israt Jahan

Promising Career: Tan Martin for her contribution to the research paper: A birds-eye view of the landscape of cerebral palsy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Australia.

Best Paper:  Shona Goldsmith for her paper titled:  Major congenital anomalies are common in children with cerebral palsy: The Comprehensive CA-CP Study

Best Poster: Sarah Reedman for her poster: What’s in the Black Box of a Participation-Focused intervention?

PhD Platform Awards: Dr Cathryn Crowie and Dr David Hobbs

20 scholarships were awarded for attendance at the 2020 AusACPDM in Perth. The awardees comprised 6 from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, 2 from NZ and 12 from Australia.