27th March: Listening and Sharing session

27th March: Listening and Sharing session

12th March, 2024

“Conveying Life, Laughter, Logistics and Leg Length” Presenting Case Studies in 2024

Join us in our free listening and sharing session.

27th March 2024, 4:30pm – 5:30pm Australian EDST

Topic information:  This presentation provides a talk and discussion on presenting case studies respectfully, particularly focusing on the experiences of individuals with disabilities in different settings. Targeted at clinicians, academics, and allied health professionals, it explores the power of personal stories, the impact of language, and the process of building contemporary case studies. Through examples and reflections, it emphasizes the importance of conveying both success stories and challenging experiences with sensitivity and ethics.

Speakers: Amy Hogan, Sara Sheehan, Katarina Ostojic, Adrienne Harvey

The session will be facilitated by: Sarah McIntyre


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