2020-2025 Strategic Plan

2020-2025 Strategic Plan

2nd December, 2020

With many thanks to our member feedback, we are pleased to release the Academy’s Strategic plan for 2020-2025.

Our Purpose

To provide evidence-based multidisciplinary scientific education for health professionals, researchers and people with lived experience of child-onset disability; and to promote and advocate for excellence in research, knowledge translation and best practice clinical care for children and adults with cerebral palsy and developmental conditions.

Our Aims

By 2025, AusACPDM will continue its role as an international leader in education and knowledge translation.

By 2025, we will have increased our visibility, reach and impact in the Australasian Region with a focus on low resourced communities.

Our Priorities

  1. Grow the impact of our biennial conference as the leading source of scientific education and best practice clinical care in the Australasian region.
  2. Grow our educational strategies by offering multiple learning options to members, through an expanded range of resources and opportunities.
  3. Increase our impact as a peak body in the field of cerebral palsy and developmental medicine through education and advocacy, with increased visibility, reach and activity in low-resourced communities in our region.
  4. Enable full participation of people with lived experience in the AusACPDM; value their voice, deep knowledge and experience; and promote the role of AusACPDM in advocating for and with people with
    lived experience.
  5. As a co-founding member of the International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability (IAACD), actively work with the Alliance to advance its objectives.
  6. Strengthen our strategic leadership, accountability and operational performance through the adoption of best practice governance, administration processes and financial management.
  7. Strengthen financial sustainability through developing and implementing a robust financial plan.

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