Nutrition in Cerebral Palsy

Nutrition in Cerebral Palsy

6th October, 2019


In the Netherlands a “care pathway” for children with CP has been developed in collaboration with clinicians, parents and researchers.  This care path focuses on (1) the screening of children with CP in the age of 0-8 years old, (2) the identification of children with, or at risk for, problems with sleep, nutrition and/or physical activity, and (3) providing care and support for these children and their families. However, there is a clear lack of evidence-informed resources which can help inform and guide parents of children with CP.

The Center of Excellence for Rehabilitation Medicine Utrecht (the Netherlands) has recently launched a three-year innovation project to investigate how screening for and, if necessary adjustments in sleep, nutrition and physical activity, contribute to the well-being and functioning of children (aged 0-8) with CP and their families. The team are developing online resources aimed to provide useful information related to nutrition, sleep and physical activity to parents, developed in co-creation with parents, clinicians and researchers.

Coinciding with world CP day, the first resource on Nutrition for children with CP is now available. View and share the video below and infographic to share the message.

Download the Nutrition for children with Cerebral Palsy infographic here.

Infographics and additional online resources will be also be available on the AusACPDM infographics page.