Prechtl’s Method of the Qualitative Assessment of General Movements Training- Basic Course and Advanced Courses

Did you know you can detect children at high risk of cerebral palsy in the first few months of life?

Basic Training 

The Basic Course provides an introduction to Prechtl’s Method on the Qualitative Assessment of General Movements in young infants. This new assessment method has shown its merit for the prenatal and postnatal evaluation of the integrity of the nervous system. Compelling evidence is now available that qualitative assessment of General Movements (GMs) at a very early age is the best predictor for cerebral palsy. This method has become a potent supplement to the traditional kind of neurological examination.

Advanced Training

The Advanced Course will provide an additional intensive training in correct judgement. This training will deal with the details of the assessment, the proper terminology and technique as well as with the application of individual developmental trajectories.

Who should attend?

Medical specialists, neonatologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, registered nurses and other professionals in the field of infant neurology. Participation in the Advanced Course is possible only for individuals who successfully passed a Basic Training Course held under the auspices of the GM-Trust.

Course Instructors

  • A/Prof. Andrea Guzzetta, MD, PhD (Advanced Course)
  • A/Prof. Alicia Spitttle, Phd (Basic Course)
  • Additional Trainers (TBA)


Sunday 10th – 13th March (3.5-day Course)


Includes refreshments and lunch. Limited number of places available.

  • $1,650 Interstate / International
  • $825 for Queensland Clinicians**

**Price for QLD clinicians has been discounted as a reduced fee scholarship due to major funding from the QLD State Government (Advance QLD Innovation Partnership for early detection of CP). More information about the Queensland-based clinician reduced-fee scholarship is available here, or please contact for information on accessing the reduced fee scholarship.

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Date: 10 March - 13 March

Location: Brisbane (TBC)

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